About us


Core Business

Our core business is Project Management in which we have more than 15 years of international experience. Our Nordic/Dutch approach in combination with the Portuguese companies and specialist we work with, have resulted in quite successful project development.

Work area

We are mainly active in the Greater Lisbon area (Lisbon, Cascais and the Sintra region). In these regions the real estate market is very interesting and do we have good contacts with the local authorities.


Nowadays many companies offer their services over the internet. Some are ethical and honest, many are fraudulent. Therefor transparency is very important to us. We work with renown companies which you can find the back under the tab ‘Team’. We prefer to meet (potential) investors face-to face before starting a cooperation.


We have only one earth and we have to take care of it. However we are no tree-huggers but try to work sustainable with minimal impact on the environment. No hard wood from the Amazon, energy friendly constructions, etc. of course within the possibilities of the market as we are a commercial organization.

Why us?

Portugal is a beautiful country, with its Mediterranean culture and pace. Our Nordic background helps the project move at the right speed and quality. We work mainly with local (freelance) specialists that are not on our payroll. Payments are made based on construction speed and quality. Invoices are only paid after the invoiced work has passed an independent quality inspection.

Together with you we can see what investments are possible, the risks and the possible ROI. As we realize we are talking about hard earned money, all our communications will be kept confidential.



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