Project Development


The Project Circle

The first step in Project Development is always to finding a suitable object or project. Next to our own search efforts we receive support from real estate specialist Keller Williams and other professionals in our extended network.

At the moment a possible object/project has been found, a feasibility study is done. Participants to such a study are usually a real estate appraiser, an architect, a constructor and an accountant but also representatives of the municipality and other governmental organizations regarding the local destination plan and possible needed permits.

When the feasibility study has a positive result, it becomes a high level project plan and is shared with the investors. Next to the business case and a description, in this plan costs, time frame and expected ROI (Return on Investment) are included.

After approval of the high level project plan, a detailed plan including specifications, Milestones and Gannt chart will be created.

The construction will be done by a construction company in and freelance professionals. Every task will be inspected by an independent quality inspector and invoices only will be paid after his/her approval of delivered work. Depending on the project garden and or swimming pool can be part of a project.

A monthly update on the project included Planned Value (PV) vs Earned Value (EV) will be provided to the team members through a login protected website for the project.

Once the construction phase is over, a final inspection will be done with closure of open issues resulting in  the delivery of the project.

This will be followed by the sale of the object in which Keller Williams will support us. Last step in the project is closure of the project and payment to the investors. Once this has been done we will start (hopefully with the investors from the closed project) a new proposal.